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Had a lot of fun with this. I used to watch those convenience store animatic videos a lot when I was a kid and I always wanted to make my own.

Addressing my biggest role in acting. You know the one that landed me a freaking IMDB page
So I've been thinking for a while, and since Division originally began as a fun idea for a story but eventually turned into a more original one, I might reboot it. Many of the original characters would stay, but ones based on real people would probably be replaced or cut. I like what I've done so far, but I feel I've missed some ques and I want to present it as something entirely original. So we'll see how that plays out.
Just in time for Halloween, I decided to record me painting one of the illustrations for the next part of Division

Costumes are a reference to SylarGrimm 's series 'A Meeting In The Dark'!
I get that being too lazy to draw is one thing, but my issue is that I draw, but I don't upload it here. If you noticed a random cluster of new pictures by me, that's just me catching up. If you want more frequent updates I seem to be spending most of my time on Twitter these days. I'm sure I've already plugged it in my bio so check thereeeeeeeeeee.
Link Shocked 

Three years on this hellsite. I've seen a lot of fetishes. Some that I didn't even know could BE fetishized. (like kneecaps, wtf?!)

I just wish they would get rid of core and bring back premium. 
I'm most active on Twitter these days. Of course if you're sick of me I understand.

Oh wait I don't, hoW COULD YOU?





Hanzo & Genji


thank u all!!!!

i will now give my speech!!!!!

deviantart core was  horrible idea thank u and goodnight!!!!
And i revealed their last names in the process!

Caya's is Baxtor

If you see Division pop up in your notifications again, that's because I'm adding illustrations! I might be slow with this, but I've done two so far on the first part.
So I'm at a loss for what to do with my computer, and unless i resort to trying to use my laptop for art, there wont be any, period. And because of this, I might end up scrapping what I have on division along with my other files (again, sadly)
I'm going to be writing it out and posting it first, and that's hopefully gonna let me figure out the story better, and this brings me to the other things I have to say about it

I'm planning to have two arcs, each with 5 episodes devoted to different character(s)
for example, I want Abby be the main protagonist of the first Arc, and have the episodes focus like this

Episode 1: Abby
Episode 2: Caya and Marshall (That's if I'm able to get SylarGrimm to help me write it, cus i dont wanna misrepresent him)
Episode 3: Conrad (probably)
Episode 4: Triben
And Episode 5 is gonna focus on everybody (more or less)
Name: Ben, I go by Louis sometimes now as well

Gender: Male

Height: 6 foot-something (Haven't checked in ages)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown 

Age: 16

Lefty/Righty: Lefty

Piercings: Nope, I may one day, if I don't wimp out

Tattoos: Nah

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Grade: lmao i need to go back to school

More About You: 
Are you named after anyone?: Not that I know of, although Louis comes from my great grandpa, Louie

Do you live in the moment?: Some days, others I like to dwell

Do you consider yourself tolerant to others?: I try to be, but I have had prejudices against others before. 

Do you have any secrets?: I'm batman

Do you hate yourself?: I hate things I do/have done, but I don't really hate myself

Do you like your handwriting?: Nope

Do you have any bad habits?: I've been getting better with my habits

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: Tricky question, but probably not

Any regrets?: Some

Do you think life has been good so far?: Hah, nooooooooo

Are you confident?: Workin on that

How long does it take you to shower? I don't keep track?

What color is your room? Beige? or Green? Idk, it's somewhere there

Where do you want to attend college?: Haven't even considered that

Do you smoke?: Nope

Do drugs?: Nope.

Drink?: Sometimes

Go to church?: Nope

Sleep with stuffed animals?: Never really have, no.

Take walks in the rain?: God, I wish it would rain

Talk to people even if you hate them?: lmao no

Drive?: I guess I should try and get my L's...

Believe in premarital sex?: I don't really care, I suppose it's up to the people involved whether or not they want to wait until marriage 

Want to get married?: Probably not

Want to go to college?: Like I said, no idea.

Want to have children?: No

Sing in the shower?: Nope

Get along with your parents? I find that they irk me sometimes, but other than that, relatively well

Get along with your sibling/s?: Depends on the day, really

Color/highlight your hair?: Nah

Like coffee?: Iced, sure

Wear makeup every time you go out? Only my mascara *flutters eyelashes*

Love roller coasters?: No.

Like to cook?: I only know how to make ravioli *shrug*

Saw that SylarGrimm did one of these and I wanna do one too, so heeeeeeeeeere:
(Edit: Had a good moment to look through my playlist, found some more fitting ones, and some others for Kenny)












turns out i havent posted this here yet
check it yo
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i forgot that i had an art challenge to do
might try and draw something today..
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Remi's Ten Day Drawing Challenge (Flexible mode)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 7:57 AM
So I dug up Remicarus-adopts 's 10 day drawing challenge, and since I've been slack in art and general doing stuff. I've decided to do it, but disclaimer;
- I will be doing this on my own time, not in a span of 10 days (I cant handle that commitment lol)
- I will be doing tiny tweaks to the challenges

Day 1: Redesign/redraw a old oc.
Day 2: Oc falling asleep.   
Day 3: Oc in AU (Alternate universe) Example: Oc in modern setting drawn in fantasy world.
Day 4: Oc(s) eating favorite food.
Day 5: Genderbend. (Doesn't matter how many characters.)
Day 6: Relationship. (Draw two characters interacting.  The type of relationship doesn't matter.)
Day 7: Group photo. (Try drawing at least four characters in the same drawing.)
Day 8: Draw something while listening to your favorite song on repeat. (OR, draw something inspired by a song, or a lyric, etc.)
Day 9: Crossover.  (Have two characters from different stories wear eachothers clothes or something.)
Day 10: The first thing that comes to mind from these two words: Bear Hug.

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